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Malta is a very famous tourist destination and it is also a place where thousands of people flock together in their quest to earn big money from the various online and offline casinos that about this place. Hence, the government of the place has found it necessary to regulate and streamline the entire casino gaming process. The entire job of regularizing and monitoring casino and other gambling activities lies with the Lotteries and Gambling Authority of malta. In fact though gambling, particular casino gambling is quite popular here, it is governed and monitored by some very stringent and tough laws for almost 100 years now. The rules have been regularly changed and altered and the recent changes that comes our mind are the ones that took place in 2004 and 2007. Both these changes have imposed stricter norms and rules as far as casino gambling is concerned. In fact in 2007 malta has come out with a list of the most stringent regulations which are often referred to as the "white list".

The main objective of the various rules and regulations that have been formulated by Lotteries and Gambling Authority of malta is to maintain neutrality both from the players view point and also from the view point of the casino owners, either offline or online. Only those online games that can be monitored by the above authority can be considered legal and licensed. Hence, if you are casino owner from Malta, you have to seek approval and permission from the above authority before offering the online casino games to general public.

As a player and a prospective casino owner, you should be aware that there are 4 major classes under which casino licenses are given in malta. Each of these classes pertains to various types of games and variants and has been classified betting, software, payout, risk and other factors. Hence it is important to be fully aware of the 4 classes of licensing thoroughly.

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